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hikateko, Sep 22, 7:16pm
OE to Thunderbird I have recently ditched OE in favour of Thunderbird with Xtra as ISP, however, I am now having a problem with receiving mail? Any suggestions please - xtra have not been any help and I have not been able to find any solution on Thunderbird Help.

overtounflyer, Sep 22, 7:32pm
Are youable to send emails okay? Possibly it could be something to do with the password. A box to tick or untick. I had a problem with this a while back and I think that it was to do with password tick box not needing to be ticked in the preferences section. I'll try installing Thunderbird so I can be more helpful.

overtounflyer, Sep 22, 7:35pm
Account Settings Account settings, not preferences. Have a fiddle in server settings.

overtounflyer, Sep 22, 7:40pm
OrOr it could be outgoing server (SMTP). It's something really simple, but not obvious. Gotta go to work. Good luck

eventpro, Sep 22, 7:46pm
Try Tools, Account Settings, Server Settings, Security Settings. Now untick "use secure authentication" and see if that fixes the problem.

hikateko, Sep 22, 8:01pm
I have taken screen shots of my current "Server Settings" and "Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings" and pasted them into an MS Word document. How do I make that document available for viewing on this thread? I don't see any problem with the current settings?

hikateko, Sep 22, 8:05pm
Re: 5 The "Use secure authentication" box is not ticked?

hikateko, Sep 22, 8:54pm
Gotta go to First Aid Course - be back about 3:00pm.

memyselfandi1, Sep 23, 2:08am
I got Thunderbird to work by importing the settings from outlook.

hikateko, Sep 23, 3:05am
My OE does not load or work any more?

overtounflyer, Sep 23, 5:37am
Email me, your screen shots, at johngflower at actrix co nz

pheonix, Sep 23, 5:45am
Hikateko , Just to check .. it is a problem actually receiving the emails? Ensure you have pop3.xtra.co.nz set and under advanced,the port should be 110 Also, if you have a firewall, ensure Thunderbird has not been stopped. Maybe just turn it off while you do a quick check to make sure it isn't causing the problem.

hikateko, Sep 23, 10:23pm
You were right thanks phoenix, my firewall was the problem - all seems to be working okay now. Thank you all for your input and have a great day!

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