HP Printer Problems help please

shezbod, Sep 23, 8:59am
HP Printer Problems help please I tried printing a document from Word last night, it would not print. I then deleted the document from the queue but it will not dissappper, it says it is deleting but when i try and print other documents nothing happens and they just queue behind this one. I canot delete this one but can the others. Any suggestions would be grateful as desperatley need to be able to print stuff out for Uni. Thanks (Shezbods daugter)

barmanmyk, Sep 23, 9:00am
Try unplugging the printer from the power and reconnecting after a minute.

shezbod, Sep 23, 9:05am
Just unplugged it and still no joy. Its so frustrating, computer is going pretty slow at the mo too. Im thinking virus maybe? But would it affect the printer?

gibler, Sep 23, 9:13am
Try http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=150140

shezbod, Sep 23, 9:30am
Thanks for that link have managed to delete what was in queue. Now am going to try to print again.

shezbod, Sep 23, 9:40am
Ahhhhh still wont let me print.

biggal, Sep 23, 10:12am
These printers usually have the capability to print a test page Can you find this and try it

amasser, Sep 23, 10:20am
You could try shutting down computer - has worked for me some times when I could not get a document deleted or restarted in Print Menu. When restarting, the document should print straight away.

shezbod, Sep 24, 2:55am
Thanks for the suggestions all sorted and the printer is working now.

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