Printer Help pls

talents2008, Sep 23, 8:53pm
Printer Help pls Had a paper jam this morning , it got cleared. Now it wont print anything on the pages. It is doing everything it should however no ink is turning up on the page. And yes have checked the ink, plenty in there.

Any ideas?

intrade, Sep 23, 9:00pm
What printer make and model and do you have a maintainace program with this printer? like aligne printer head etc my old bjc3000 cannon has sutch a progy...

barmanmyk, Sep 23, 9:12pm
So the paper is going through? Have you tried removing the ink cartridge and replacing it? It may have a bit of paper under the print head, or just need a kick in the pants (wichever part of the printer is its pants)

talents2008, Sep 23, 9:15pm
Brother MFC-235c but i fixed it. Worker tore a piece of paper inside it and after alot of ink on my hands trying to work it out the best way a woman can when she has no idea what she is doing, it now works :) Whew! Thanks :)

barmanmyk, Sep 23, 9:16pm
Cool. Next please!...

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