printer settings jibberish?

yeswecan11, Sep 23, 10:08pm
Printer settings jibberish? Hi I installed a printer yesterday (Model: Epson Stylus CX9300f). It works fine, however when I go to set it to draft (due to the bulk of stuff I need to print.) The properties box comes up gibberish with lots of lines and only a few letters or words? i.e. lllEpsonlll lll ll llllpagelll 2 ll of ll 4 lll. I did the easy install, printer is new with software, installed no problem and printer is working I just can't read the properties box and won't be able to adjust it when needed. I clicked on on-line help and it brings me to a sales page with no support info.?

pcgeek, Sep 23, 10:10pm
reinstall the drivers. (the files that makes windows communicate with the printer)

yeswecan11, Sep 23, 10:11pm
OK will try that

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