Word Document help please!!!

bb22, Sep 24, 1:24am
Word Document help please!!! Hopefully this will be an easy question for someone...I have created a word document with a header and a footer. I just cannot figure out how I make it so that the header shows up on the first page only, with the footer on all pages! The office help is driving me bonkers!! At present I have the header and footer on the first page, then just the footer on the second page, (which is what I want) but the third page reverts back to having the header on it. How do I stop it putting the header back in??!! Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help me!

bb22, Sep 24, 1:48am
Got some help now so have finally got it sorted...

hulda, Sep 24, 1:53am
Try this Create Header an Footer on first page. At bottom of first page Insert page break. Click on Header of second page and delete then click on Link to Previous(next to switch between header and footer)If you still have trouble I could email you a pdf about it

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