Nokia M11 & ADSL2+

Nokia M11 & ADSL2+ Is anybody running a Nokia M11 with ADSL2+. I am upgrading my broadband connection and am not too sure if the Nokia M11 is okay for ADSL2+

geek_kew, Sep 24, 6:01 pm

Woah thats a pretty old modem ah not too sure on the ADSL2+ capabilities but I'd guess not.

geek_derekguy, Sep 24, 6:17 pm

It may be an oldie but it has been a goodie so far.

geek_kew, Sep 24, 6:19 pm

Don't think so I've been using a M1122 - not ADSL2 upgradeable. Damn good router, now useless. :(

geek_duggin, Sep 24, 7:53 pm

those are good solid modems, but i don't think you can get the up to ADSL2+

geek_charles.j, Sep 24, 8:01 pm

Bugger Do you have a recommendation that I could get?

geek_kew, Sep 24, 9:14 pm