can I check my xtra emails online easily?

johnn, Mar 8, 9:49am
Can I check my xtra emails online easily? Just got onto xtra & my emails come into outlook express but I need to be able to check them online when I am away from my own computer. The telecom site talks about the yahoo bubble thing & registering for that but I just want to be able to check my emails easily online & when I get home again they will go onto my outlook express. Is this possible these days?

dave.viv, Mar 8, 10:36am
If you go to xtra homepage click on webmail, then on next page select xtra webmail on the left, you should be able to log in direct without using xtra bubble, hope this helps, works for me

johnn, Mar 8, 10:52am
Thanks but no it doesn't work I do what you said & it takes me to the log in page for bubble (register to use it) & I don't want that bubble trouble, I just simply want to check my emails online so thaat they are still there when I get home & then go into outlook express. I have heard that bubble is the trouble & I really don't want to go there.

drcspy, Mar 8, 11:56am
You dont really have any choice if you want to use their 'webmail' interface you HAVE to login to that page........BUT.......DONT 'download the bubble software' it's NOT necessary and you DONT need it.....

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