xnet told me I could use adsl2 but no...

Xnet told me I could use adsl2 but no...I find out today adsl2 is not available from the local exchange.
The first time I asked over the telephone I was told yes, the second time I was told I was checking and had sent an email and in the reply adsl2 was confirmed as available so I went and bought an adsl2 router...cheap mond youToday I wanted to know why the adsl2 was giving adsl speeds....checked the router readings and only adsl is operating and xnet told me today no, no adsl2 is available from the exchange...yet...hopefully soon.

geek_olack, Sep 24, 9:19 pm

Bugger but that's xnet for you

geek_2gd4ubb, Sep 24, 9:20 pm

a quote from an email from telecom to a customer "adsl2 is not meant to increase speeds" It was on a forum a month or so back everyone laughed and dissed telecoms plans when everyone else was offering faster asdl2+ plans

geek_wholesaler, Sep 24, 9:22 pm

Th adsl2 speed increases are expected within a 2KM ...radius of the nearest exchange to the user. Further away than that you can expect little change in the speeds of your adsl broadband upgraded to adsl2/2+ broadband.

geek_olack, Sep 24, 9:25 pm

Here's some ADSL2 roll out info http://www.telecom.co.nz/binarys/adsl2%20080131.pdf and http://www.chorus.co.nz/cabinet-notices

geek_wakari06, Sep 24, 9:31 pm

its 2.5km according to their wholesale site xD

geek_wholesaler, Sep 24, 9:31 pm

That pdf file is bs.. Saying we had it installed last year? harharhar

geek_2gd4ubb, Sep 24, 9:40 pm

I think it is installed but ISP is sitting on it.. ...or...

geek_olack, Sep 24, 10:13 pm

Im getting ADSL2 here but speed increase is nothing

geek_wholesaler, Sep 24, 10:17 pm

Haha, no adsl2 i'm told no no no, you can't possibly get adsl2+, yet my modem connects at adsl2+

geek_kane199, Sep 24, 10:22 pm

Hmm, I was told twice adsl2 is ready for here..and today it is not available to here.

geek_olack, Sep 24, 10:37 pm

if we are to expect adsl2+ speeds then cabinetisation isn't enough, are they also upgrading the fibre optic backbone to the core network too? (backhaul)

geek_pcgeek, Sep 25, 7:10 am