your opinion on the iphone 3g

merk105, Sep 24, 1:39pm
Your opinion on the iphone 3g Hey there =D. Basically if you own an iphone 3g i would like to know what your opinions are. Tell me the good things and bad things and was it worth the price? know anything that is better? Let me know =D

kickpac5, Sep 25, 10:07am
I don't own one but having 20-30 gigs on my ipod at the moment, an iPhone is out of the question. I have used a few however, quite nice, simple, quick, types fast if you can learn well and have small fingers.

julieandcasper, Sep 25, 10:11am
No idea but I do adore my ipod touch. I'd have one of those phones if I could justify the expense. :)

sneeky, Sep 25, 10:16am
I've got one It's fantastic, worth every cent.
I got the 16 gb model.
It's currently got 14 days of audio, 6 hrs of movies and 1000 photos loaded on it, with about 2 gb of free space remaining.

dunedin_ree, Sep 25, 10:17am
I don't use mine as my primary music player touch screen isn't as convenient as a click-wheel for listening to music. I do play music on it but that's not my main use. They're great for email, web surfing and google maps. Good for music, GREAT for movies (once you work out how to hang it on the back of an airline seat), great for texting, gtalk, but third party app for IM sucks at the moment. No support for pxt. Great selection of apps, I can blog (with pics) from my iPhone. Can view office docs, can't edit. Notepad apps pretty limited (can't edit in landscape mode). My battery lasts about a working day (bear in mind: this is my ONLY work phone and it's constantly checking my email and being used for music throughout the day).

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