Printer and scanner - what to do with them?

animad36, Sep 25, 8:51am
Printer and scanner - what to do with them? have tried free to good home ad, no interest. Took them to the local community house and I couldn't give them to them. Safety rules apparently regarding electrics etc. Not flash items but work fine. What do you do with all this out of date equipment???

original_fatman, Sep 25, 8:52am
Ummmmmm trademe, $1 reserve or free.........

animad36, Sep 25, 9:09am
Hhmmmm thinking I could go over to Environment message board (only just discovered it) and ask them. Kinda hard to give stuff away when you live rurally it seems :(

gibler, Sep 25, 9:27am
Http:// ...?

vitaminh, Sep 25, 9:32am
$1 reserve you might be surprised I sold some on corigated roof sheets that I was going to dump and got $50 SWEET.

vitaminh, Sep 25, 9:34am
Lol your selling Stallion feeders for $5 but you didnt think to sell them here?? or is this just a ploy before you list them to drum up some bids??

animad36, Sep 25, 9:49am
With the cost of postage and the fact that we live out of town. I didn't think anyone would want them. And as for this being a ploy, I can't imagine anyone who would post in here be remotely interested in the old, outdated and never fashionable stuff I have been using. Should have known not to waste time over here. I will look into the e day thing. Thanks for that.

pcmaster, Sep 25, 12:46pm
Just out of interest what make/models are they?

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