printer instalation problem..

mikelsma, Sep 26, 1:15am
Printer instalation problem.. do I need to take this to a technician or is it something easily fixed.on trying to re install keeps coming up with a box saying print spooler service not working.
I cannot locate the the spool file,it appears to be having other problems with the computer too...but currently this one is the most annoying...

0800xford, Sep 26, 1:31am
xp? if so - right click my computer, choose manage, find services and applications, expand services, find print spooler, right click on it, properties, startup type, auto.

mikelsma, Sep 26, 1:58am
For some reason? wont open when I click on manage,,

0800xford, Sep 26, 2:01am
in your 'run' box type 'services.msc. without the quote marks. if you have no run box press and hold the winkey, then press the r key.

0800xford, Sep 26, 2:04am
sorry, i meant 'services.msc' without the quote marks.

mikelsma, Sep 26, 7:34am
Sorry to take so long to respond...Im so annoyed with my computer...
Ive tried to do as you suggested but cannot get it to do anything....
I also cannot activate system restore and get a variety of error messages ...SO..Im gonna book it in to see the computer doctorbefore it goes for a flight through the window...

0800xford, Sep 26, 9:19am
could be $ well spent. computing is meant to be enjoyable =)

brijo, Sep 27, 9:18am
You have a corrupt registry you will need to reinstall the spoolersrv registry entry.

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