hi my nokia cell phone always.....

daniel-j-c, Mar 7, 7:48am
Hi my nokia cell phone always..... hi my nokia cell phone always.....
turn on and off.. any 1 cud help me please? thanks

scorp11, Mar 7, 7:50am
#1... nice of u to include the brand , but you forgot to mention the model and that will generally mean you get more indepth help ( sometimes ) as leaving things like that out will usually get u a roasting ...

demonknight, Mar 7, 7:50am
Sounds like A dodgy battery, seen that happen with other cellphones.

daniel-j-c, Mar 7, 7:51am
..... i changed the battery

daniel-j-c, Mar 7, 7:55am
Nokia 6265 .

demonknight, Mar 7, 8:00am
If the Phone has been dropped then there might be a loose connection inside.

daniel-j-c, Mar 7, 8:01am
.... well my mate gave it to me and sometimes it turns off then on and i rang telecom and asked how much 2 fix 55$ or free with docket and i dont have a docket but i want my cell phone 2 be fixed

demonknight, Mar 7, 8:04am
It might Be cheaper in the long run just to buy another phone.

scorp11, Mar 7, 8:07am
.......... telecom lol theres ur problem lol

firefly001, Mar 8, 1:41am
6265 - probably flex cable can get from mr027

_sexylady_, Mar 8, 10:38am
That model phone is more than a year old now, it would only be free if the phone was under 12 mths old. Regardless of that Telecom should have told you that they can get a copy of when that phoen was first sold from the serial number hence if it was under a year old it COULD have got sent away for repair under warranty. However in saying this it WILL cost you MIN of $55.00 more than likely more depending on what is wrong.

deus701, Mar 8, 11:42am
Is that the symbian one? i had one which turns on n off.. i did reformat.. i suspect some random application playing up. Other than that, could be a faulty ic chip.

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