Re Nikon Picture Project 1.7.5

beejay44, Sep 26, 7:25am
Re Nikon Picture Project 1.7.5 Does anyone use this as Nikon has discontinued it? I updated to View NX but I can't do the things I could do with PProject. Is there any better
photo viewing software around? Thanks

shiyo, Sep 26, 8:44am
Yes it has been discontinued I tried to updated awhile ago and found that out. I still use the version I have, I like it for basic stuff. there are a few others. Photofilter is ok and not complicated as phototshop. others will have ideas.

beejay44, Sep 26, 9:12am
Re 2 Thanks for that I will try Photofilter. I liked the ability to change photos to B&W & Sepia with PP and it had Muvee. Not the best program but it what I needed.

madazu, Sep 26, 9:27am
It is photofiltre (because it's french) not photofilter, but photofiltre has the sepia & bw filters as well as alot of other pre-set filters as well.It is actually quite an impressive image manipulation app.

beejay44, Sep 26, 9:49am
Re 4 Thanks, Yes I found it. Does the B&W, sepia and old photos. Its like photoshop. Can you have thumbnail pictures instead of larger ones? It is more impressive than PP or Nikon view. If it has a movie maker as well I will be really impressed.

beejay44, Sep 26, 9:52am
Re 2 & 4 Photofiltre It is really user friendly. From the short time I have been using it.

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