Vista vs XP which is best ??

goinghard, Sep 27, 1:04am
Vista vs XP which is best ?? Have not had anything to do with vista and wondering for my new comp i am going to build if i should stick with XP or try vista home premium/Basic.Opinions please.

nzmu, Sep 27, 1:20am
You won't know until you try VistaI originally dual booted Vista on my XP and never went back to XP. I took to Vista immediately - others have taken longer, some are sticking to XP and then there is those that prefer anything that's not MS.

fishb8, Sep 27, 1:28am
When my latest desktop was loaded with Vista I set up a 2nd HD and dual booted with XP as most of my hardware wouldn't work with Vista. I used to boot into Vista, ocassionally, to get current updates and after a few months, I found all my hardware would work with Vista but I stuck with XP as I was more familiar. When I bought a laptop, it came loaded with Vista Business and that worked a treat so I wiped my desktop XP partition. No longer any reason as Vista works so well and both machines work with vista. Don't even think about it anymore.

pcfix4u, Sep 27, 3:11am
Depends what you want it for. I built a vista Home Premium system as I had to learn vista for my work. I found vista useless for tech work as in backing up customers data and hard disk diagnostics, but for basic computer use it was sweet and once SP1 came along it fix a lot of issues like data transfer speed. You can also get computers that come installed with vista and also a XP Pro disk so you have the choice which is the way to go. I have customers who buy a vista system from a shop and get real pissed with it after a short time and I tweak it for them and they are happy. If you buy a motherboard make sure you check that the drivers are available for XP then U R covered.. I don't like dual booting so I have 2 hard drives in that machine and just unplug vista and plug in XP Pro.

yellowsubmarine, Sep 27, 7:06am
Vista Xp is so old. Vista crashes less.

deodar, Sep 27, 7:13am
6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other.You'll never
know until you try what Vista is like
will you?Computing can be about just
doing it.

kane199, Sep 27, 1:54pm
I tried all the flavors of vista (on this machine), and have found the Business version seems to run best on my system not sure why.

ruby2shoes, Sep 27, 11:04pm
Well Vista has Dx10But uses 850MB DDR2 RAM while on idell (only uses aprox 1% of CPU on each core of Quad Core 2.4GHz). Need more RAM and it will be fine. (Using Home Prem 64Bit).

charles.j, Sep 27, 11:25pm
i have vista 32bit Home premium running on a p4 here. never went back to XP.

kylestyle, Sep 27, 11:37pm
Re 8 That's a bit high. I have a 1.3GHz Athlon machine here with 768MB ram, running Vista Ultimate with Aero enabled on an Nvidia 6600GT - only taking up 365MB memory and that's with Firefox going.

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