Annoying printer start up.

pohue, Sep 27, 9:23pm
Annoying printer start up. To save power we are told to turn of what we are not using, to stop the power drain from the wee lights etc. If I turn my printer off it makes such a fuss when turned back on, printing test sheets etc, which also seems a waste of power and of ink there any way to stop a printer doing this??

nzmu, Sep 27, 9:29pm
Someone may be able to helpif they knew what brand and model printer it is.

drcspy, Sep 27, 10:15pm
People have little or no comprehension of how much power a product uses on 'standby' .....turning off yoru printer will save a totally insignificant amount of power......probably save you about $1 per 32" lcd tv uses a whole 4watts on standby.....that means it'll take 1250 hours before it saves $1. your printer would use less than that I'd say

pixma, Sep 27, 10:19pm
Suppose 7% of domestic power is used from standby devices...

pixma, Sep 27, 10:19pm
Figure from Green piss nz

kevin16, Sep 27, 10:20pm
'To save power we are told to turn of what we are not using',..hmmm I missed the memo regarding 'the brain',..

wabs1978, Sep 28, 12:03am
Settings 'print (some kind of) test on startup' may be enabled somewhere or somehow. what brand and model is it? and what os are you using?

mrfxit, Sep 28, 12:17am
As far as printers are concerned LEAVE IT ON. it's not worth the startup hassles turning printers off because (as you found out) the printer has to do a system reset everytime it's turned on. As for the computer, it's up to you. If you have a CRT monitor/ on broadband permanant/ several computers, then yes turn them off at night as it not only saves a little bit of power but stops hackers etc during the night, (can't hack whats not turned on). Don't bother turning off the router, (same startup times as the printer)

pohue, Sep 28, 3:23am
Thanks for that.. Its an HP PSC 1410, and I run a Mac ....and god!! its brilliant, never go back to PC!!

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