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derekguy, Sep 28, 4:46am
ADSL2+ is awesome

gibler, Sep 28, 4:51am
Hang on I was getting those speeds with regular ADSL. Not at the moment though..

2gd4ubb, Sep 28, 4:54am
I didn't think any WGTN exchanges had ADSL2+ yet?

d.snell, Sep 28, 4:54am
Lol that's less than I get on normal ASDL.

wholesaler, Sep 28, 4:56am
ROFL you think thats good? My worst connection is about 7mb best is 18 lol

swivel, Sep 28, 4:59am
Not the fastest. my old adsl d-link 500 at the shop gets better than that, and thats adsl old

pixma, Sep 28, 5:11am
Just plain adsl here and I get better speeds than that...nothing to brag about lol :(

willz29, Sep 28, 5:15am
I dream of speeds like that on old adsl but with 55DB line attenuation Im lucky to get 600kbps down. And thats on a pro plan

nik12, Sep 28, 5:30am
Can someone explain what the ping means please?

2gd4ubb, Sep 28, 5:32am
Basically it's just used to confirm you can connect to a website or ip address.. the ping time is how long it takes between when data is sent from the server and when you receive it.

lostdude, Sep 28, 6:50am
Your modem should tell you what it means. If not, have a read:

nik12, Sep 28, 8:05am
Isn't flash? It told me to click a pyramid thing in Wellington, I'm in southland, is that because it's satalyte (sp?? everywhere!)

wogadopolous, Sep 28, 8:53am
Give Chch a try It did wonders for mine

baker-assoc, Sep 28, 9:27am
its to do with were ur isp is not were ur self are

darrylwilliams, Sep 28, 10:30am
That's what I am getting with normal ADSL

ottoitis, Sep 29, 12:14am
Re 13..............Who was your ISP? Cheers.

wogadopolous, Sep 29, 3:57am
Snap internet But we're on a better plan than anyone else is likely to get in NZ for a while.........

gucci6, Sep 29, 5:05am
Not as good as cable Wellington

gucci6, Sep 29, 5:08am
Napier Server seems to be faster

alwats, Sep 29, 5:37am
Ch Ch - Telstra cable

wholesaler, Sep 29, 5:39am
Dunedin - Slingshot

Ohhh yeaaa baby lol

ruderger, Sep 29, 5:45am
Lol you sure that wasn't a cached test? ouch actually pretty good for me tho...

gibler, Sep 29, 5:45am
where is your nearest exchange? ...

wholesaler, Sep 29, 5:49am
Not sure, havn't actually checked

wholesaler, Sep 29, 5:50am
Noise Margin 12.4 dB
Line Attenuation 39.5 dB
Output Power 19.5 dBm

My noise there, unsure of distance

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