help!! pc to pcmac??

taylor102, Sep 28, 9:11pm
Help!! pc to pcmac?? I need help..ive brought a birthday present for nephew and its a microsoft pc game but he owns a apple mac computer..Is there a program I get so he can play on his computer?? name?? cost..any ideas...???

morrisman1, Sep 28, 9:48pm
If he has an intel mac (late 2006 or newer) and OSX leopard then he can have windows installed on the computer aswell. this runs natively and would allow him to play the game as long as his computer can meet the system requirements

taylor102, Sep 28, 9:59pm
He has an xos mac..newer one im told but not sure if have other program u mentioned..OSX leopard.its very annoying as its a great game i got for him cheaply and retails $80. normally..

gazzanova69, Sep 28, 10:23pm
Cider may work

gerty, Sep 29, 12:08am
If he was going to run Windows on his Mac he'd need Parallels or similar software.

morrisman1, Sep 29, 3:00am
No he doesnt seeing as he has leopard he can use boot camp. that is provided that he has a fairly new mac with an intel processor

taylor102, Sep 29, 3:38am
Ok thanks me confused now!!!! so whats the verdict guys?? the game is called fable the lost chapters ( for microsoft )..and its needed to run on a apple mac computer which is only a year if that We shouldnt need software? or do? what is bootcamp morrisman1?

plug33, Sep 29, 3:48am
If your nephew has the latest OS Leopard then he will be able to load XP or Vista onto a partition on his hard drive and run the MAC as a PC for want of a better explanation.
However he will need a copy of XP or Vista. He will also need to worry about virus protection and all the other guff that Mac users have no trouble with.
I know this because I bought some games for my wife, the Myst series and needed to do the above to my Mac. What a pain updating virus definitions etc.

plug33, Sep 29, 3:51am
Forgot to add, Bootcamp comes with Leopard and allows you to restart the Mac as a PC and yes I know, the Mac is also a PC.

oclaf, Sep 29, 6:06am
In a word. no. OSX and windows are two very different and incompatible operating system. too run a windows game on a mac takes alot of fidling around with duel booting operating system or emulation software. its not something i would recomend unless you have a good chunk of computer know how. there is a high risk of data loss if you screw up the HDD partitioning and OS installation. just buy him the mac version (if it exists)

taylor102, Sep 29, 6:13am
Ohh bugga!! no looked and I dont think they made this game for pcmac..I guess he will have to play it on someoneelses computer..his parents got the mac so they didnt have to go thou download antiviruis so it defets the purpose if put a program on that they have to download antiviruus wear..big bugga!!!!

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