ADSL Router Retraining Problem.....

sighkick, Sep 29, 1:09am
ADSL Router Retraining Problem.I currently have a Netgear DG834Gv2 Firmware updated which has an annoying habit of 'seizing up' occasionally. The lights are on, but no-one is home. Happens when the ADSL signal is poor or there is a problem at the exchange, the ADSL Modem will try to retrain and re-establish connection, connect and then go through the process over and over until finally giving up. At that time, the lights show normal, but the connection is down. - - - Apparently this is a known problem with the cheaper Netgear ADSL Modems but I cannot find anyone to confirm [or otherwise] that this problem has been fixed in newer models [v5]. - - - Has anyone else had this problem? More noticeable for those who need a 24/7 uptime for mail and web hosting or VPN. How have you solved it?

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