Anyone dealt with C1 Shopping Mall?

mustang23, Sep 29, 8:27am
Anyone dealt with C1 Shopping Mall? Any good/negative experiences please? :)

galex, Sep 29, 8:32am
Dealt with them a few times No issues, good service.....

mustang23, Sep 29, 8:55am
Good to hear, thanks. Just made an order. Was just a little concerned after I didn't receive email confirmation of my creditcard payment being received.

litespeed, Sep 30, 10:44am
Used them once I got the goods, but they never replied to any correspondence. I only use Ascent now.

osymandias, Sep 30, 11:14am
Dealt with them a few times, never had a problem. I had to return a mobo whose ethernet port died, replaced it promptly and with a newer (somewhat) upgraded model.

lostdude, Sep 30, 2:17pm
Dealt with them plenty of times. Best experience I've had is when I bought 2 512mb sticks of ram from them. Once received, tested and found 1 to be faulty. I submitted an RMA with them the following day in which I was instructed to send it in for further testing and possibly a replacement. Well, to make a long story short, I totally forgot about it until nearly a week before the warranty expired lol. Emailed them asking if my RMA still stood in which they replied I had to make another, which I did, then this time I sent it in. Received a new stick of RAM and an apology email a few days later. lol :D

argordon, Sep 30, 5:55pm
C1No problems at all! Ordered a fair bit from them when I was building my new PC and their service was perfect.

jmpcwiz, Sep 30, 9:53pm
Yup, good place to deal with and often have some good deals. Never had a faulty product, and service and correspondence has been nice and fast. Purchased a few times with credit card and no hassles there either.

poohy99, Sep 30, 11:13pm
No problems with them at all :)

maximumv, Sep 30, 11:23pm
Good online shop prices are OK, no problems used them about 6 times this year. 2-3 delivery time or u can pickup

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