Can dial up be used in a home that has ADSL?

makaap, Sep 29, 10:07am
Can dial up be used in a home that has ADSL? Want to use my lap top in a home while on holiday.

ruki1, Sep 29, 10:45am
Yes Most ips will discount you on a second dial up account.

ruki1, Sep 29, 10:48am
Clarification I take it you have the dial up account already and want to dial up from another house that has bb installed. You should be able to use dial up ok.

soodanim, Sep 29, 11:30am
Yep just remember if bb is in use, you need to use a filter on the dial up modem

intrade, Sep 29, 9:49pm
There is 1 exemption where you cant use dieslup on a broadband place. And that is if the place only has what is called "naked adsl" this means there is only the service for internet on the cable the analog phone is turned off so dialup wont work on that wire. but if they got normal brodadband and normal analog phone then yes no problem the phone will be occupied during your on dialup like it was in the old days...

intrade, Sep 29, 9:52pm
Also in case you dont know if the place has broadband and it has a router/modem then you can plug your laptop on the router and use the broadband as well no problem. Only if they got a single port only modem it would be e bit harder for you to connect as well.

kevin16, Sep 29, 9:57pm
Wouldn't flicking a few $s for adsl be a better idea?,..

mrfxit, Sep 30, 12:03am
& Intrade Correct & well explained thanks

d.snell, Sep 30, 12:22am
Also don't expect brilliant speed on the dialup as the filter clips the frequency bandwidth. Expect something under 33k, depending on the brand of the filter.

richms, Sep 30, 2:19am
I found that dialing up without the filter was a lot better when I had a landline to dialup on, with it was only getting 26400, without 54667 - made the broadband slow a little when dialup was happening but with the crap performance that most ISPs get away with now I doubt that would be an issue ;)

galex, Sep 30, 4:40am
Also be aware some ISPs charge for Dial up..when there is a ADSL connection already on the line. Telecom used to charge $2 per hour for D/up in these circumstances

vtecintegra, Sep 30, 6:07am
You should consider asking the home owner if you can just use their adsl while there. Should be as easy as plugging in an ethernet cable.

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