Printer advice please

nicolas6, Sep 30, 4:30am
Printer advice please I am looking at a multifunction printer currently listed. It fits into our limited budget that we have at the moment so don't expect years of life from it. it is a HP PSC-2110. on google it came up as a discontinued line, will the ink cartridges still be available, I have asked on the auction but not heard back, have tried the net but comes up with many so not sure. is there any way to find out for sure. Thanks in advance.

oldman, Sep 30, 4:47am
It appears to use cartridges HP56, HP57 & HP58. Go to<br />aoid=5504 for more info. Be advised that HP ink cartridges are amongst the dearest on the market.

cpg, Sep 30, 4:52am
I echo oldmans' comment above HP inks are very expensive and you need to factor in that on-going expense as that is really how they make their money, not so much from the printer but the consumables. HP still produce a cartridge for a printer I had 11 years ago, so you'll be safe there.

nicolas6, Sep 30, 4:52am
Thankyou oldman may have a rethink now.

nzmu, Sep 30, 4:53am
For about $89 consider a new Epson CX5500, it will mean a 12mth warranty, comes with everything to start and cartridges are reasonable ($9 or $18 as it can take 2 sizes). Very economical and quality printing.

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