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jmpcwiz, Mar 1, 7:38am
Front USB Help.... Ok, Ive been away from computing for 3mths so i feel ive lost some knowledge. Anyway, installed the system new but the front USB ports arnt giving any power to any devices. Using XP Pro SP2 and installed motherboard drivers. Back ports work fine. Am I forgetting something?

gi99a, Mar 1, 7:43am
Some front ports are connected to the motherboard... have you opened the case to ensure they are plugged in?

jmpcwiz, Mar 1, 7:44am
Yup, they are plugged in... Connected them about half a year ago... just not working since I got back and reformatted the harddrive.

gi99a, Mar 1, 7:50am
Hmmmm.... apart from that I cant think why one lot of USB ports work and the others dont unless your mobo drivers aren't right, the bios has changed or there is a conflict... any issues show in the Device Manger?

charles.j, Mar 1, 8:26am
.... is it enabled in the bios? if not go to device manager and have a look there for yellow exclamation marks

jmpcwiz, Mar 1, 8:30am
Device manager shows up fine. Just checked and drivers are installed. Will check out bios but never had this problem before :(

charles.j, Mar 1, 8:33am
.... seems a little odd. got a linux live cd handy?

irvy, Mar 1, 8:34am
#5 is correct (sort of) you will need to enable them for power and data. Some are set as data by default. If there is no setting in the bios, then they are power/data and you may find its a pin arrangement problem. Pays to check the front sockets/board for pin orientation.... before you try and use it!

jmpcwiz, Mar 1, 9:28am
No linux cds here :P and bios is fine with usb enabled. Pins havent changed since I was last using the front ports. Very strange...

drcspy, Mar 1, 9:45am
Lol #5 is NOT correct at all....... if usb wasnt' enabled in the bios the back ports woulnd't work either.......and they sure would'nt show up in device manager !

charles.j, Mar 1, 10:04am
.... are you sure? i've got a pc here that has front usb on/off in the bios...

mr_lovebug, Mar 1, 10:33am
Okay my question... Are the REAR USB plugs working??? Does the m/board have a 2nd set of headers you can try??? Maybe the headers have been cooked/killed somehow???

drcspy, Mar 1, 12:02pm
Ok i'll belive ya #11 BUT.........I still say if they're off in the bios theres no way they'll show up in device manager

jmpcwiz, Mar 1, 10:17pm
Mr_lovebug, that sounds like a good thing to try. I'll try switching them to the header next to it and get back to you.

jmpcwiz, Mar 4, 4:36am
Ok, im stomped... switching the front usb to another motherboard adapter did not change anything. Im lost. Any more ideas?

jancemord, Mar 4, 4:43am
Mine died and i cant get a replacement panel

olack, Mar 5, 6:43am
What you will can enable the front USB ports but in doing so rear USB ports may become disabled. The asrock 775v88+ motherbopard comes with a little red sticker to cover the 2 disabled USB ports when the 2 front USB ports are connected to the motherboard...probably in your case I would guess...but the asrock motherboard manual states this and I think that perhaps some manufacturers neglect to tell...but I am not to tell you this is so with your motherboard...

olack, Mar 5, 6:44am a USB2.0 PCI addon card... ...

jmpcwiz, Mar 5, 6:50am
At the moment, only the rear USB ports work... Previously, both front and rear ports would work at the same time. Its not that I need the xtra ports, i have 4 in the back, but sometimes its just easier to connect to the front. I think I have a usb extension cable somewhere, might use that now. I guess the front ports just died or something.

got2bin2win, Mar 8, 10:51am
May be power related.. have you checked to see if the ports are providing +5v power still? a motherboard fuse could have given out.

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