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pcgeek, Oct 1, 5:02am
Want to know if ADSL2+ is available at your place?

wholesaler, Oct 1, 5:07am
Or just check the router

lostdude, Oct 1, 5:09am
ROFLMAO Quote from that test: "This address is scheduled to be connected to a roadside cabinet with ADSL2+ technology in approximately Jul 2010."

pcgeek, Oct 1, 5:13am
Mine said April 2011
Wholesaler: Bet your router can't tell you when its being upgraded.....

gibler, Oct 1, 5:17am
April 2011 here for a roadside cabinet ..ek.

gibler, Oct 1, 5:18am
Even more frustrating when you spy the Chorus worker wiring up the cabinet for an area just a short jump away.

wholesaler, Oct 1, 5:19am
I could make it tell me. Its open source so I could just get it to enter my address each time and view the result. I am in Dunedin Cente and I dont get it until Oct 2010 ffs

kane199, Oct 1, 5:22am
Just check my modem? This address is scheduled to be connected to a roadside cabinet with ADSL2+ technology in approximately Jul 2009 .http://images.trademe.co.nz/photoserver/47/77290147_full.jpg Who do i believe?

gibler, Oct 1, 5:25am
most of the "bigger" exchanges are ADSL2+ enabled .. but I guess (like me) they think you are too far away to get any benefit - hence the roadside cabinets.

kane199, Oct 1, 5:26am
The speed change was non exsistant it just went from "multimode" (adsl) to adsl2 with no speed change.

swivel, Oct 1, 5:31am
Well mines adsl2, So maybe i might get rid of the old D-Link 500 (2001 model)(which gives me 6.6Mbps, so wonder what an adsl2 modem would do).

deodar, Oct 1, 5:54am
Slingshot can tell you If you can take Slingshot you are
probably enabled ADSL2.You don't have to take it LOL.Depends where you are

wholesaler, Oct 1, 5:55am
.on Slingshot here, was told i was on adsl2+ but according to Telesum im not lol

2gd4ubb, Oct 1, 6:24am
Omg This address is scheduled to be connected to a roadside cabinet with ADSL2+ technology in approximately Jan 2012.

intrade, Oct 1, 6:52am
My one sayd i myght not be able to get bb on this adress lol i am on broadband already ..hohoho..

trial_by_fire, Oct 1, 7:43am
*sigh* Unfortunately this address is outside the planned ADSL2+ network area.

deodar, Oct 1, 8:28am
Yeah thats the Red area. They reckoned I can get it but IGrin
the local ISP don't agree,or Telecom.
The GPS maps can't even get my street
or Zoom In on me.

wholesaler, Oct 1, 8:50am
That site is not fully accurate. Does anyone have a link of all the cabnits updated? (So i can check myself lol) (meh its 10pm i cant spell)

rhys.m, Oct 1, 8:51am
ADSL2+ is overrated, its all about ADSL3++ Due in your area August 2056!!

wholesaler, Oct 1, 9:00am
I think u mean 6502 knowing Telecom

mcceltic, Oct 1, 9:02am
Well thats funny Cos where I am, article in Saturdays paper said end of this year for my area.

rhys.m, Oct 1, 9:02am
Yeah, typo sorry :X

jmpcwiz, Oct 1, 9:26am
Ive got ADSL+2 here but no difference. Still stuck on 3.5mbps connection. Line attenuation is too high at 52.

aktow, Oct 1, 1:38pm
Vodafone sucks how about this message from vodafone ,,,Sorry - your area is within a Vodafone Red Zone however you can't get our new Red services.

Unfortunately although you're within a Vodafone Red Zone our new Red services are not available at your address.
bloody typical.

pcgeek, Oct 1, 7:18pm
You would think with Telecom currently installing new roadside cabinets that adsl2+ equipment would be being installed right now, not 2 years down the track. Why would an isp invest in standard adsl to install now when they are fully aware adsl2+ was about due for release. Wholesaler: according to the chorus website central dunedin is the last to get roadside cabinet upgrade, suburbs are done first which is odd...my suburb is april next year, then two years for adsl2+, something doesn't make sense....

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