Internet security warning outlook 2003

oscar031, Oct 1, 5:54am
Internet security warning outlook 2003 Whenever I open Outlook to check e-mail I get the following error message:
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that could
not be verified. The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value.
Do you want to continue using this server? y/n
I always answer yes, Outlook retrieves my e-mail and everything works fine.
It does this every time I send and receive emails
What is prompting this message and how can I eliminate it?
I'm using window xp has any one else had this problem or could someone help

dougstringer, Oct 1, 6:16am
Is the time & date correct on your computer, and are the regional settings in control panel correct?

oscar031, Oct 1, 6:30am
Yes yes they are all correct

kew, Oct 1, 6:33am
Who is your email provider?

oscar031, Oct 1, 6:36am
Xtra I have rung them and they couldnt help

kew, Oct 1, 6:37am
What are your pop3 and smtp settings?

oscar031, Oct 1, 6:41am
Settings pop3 995
smtp 465
I went over this with the vodafone guy he said they were all right

kew, Oct 1, 8:01am
Take a look here and follw the instructions,,4150-4453061,00.html

oscar031, Oct 1, 8:48am
Thanks thank you for that Kew but for some reason when I followed those instructions I couldn't receive or send the test email, I filled it in twice so I'm pretty sure i didn't make any mistakes

drcspy, Oct 1, 12:56pm
Controlpanel/internetoptions/advancedUntick 'check for server certification revocation' and 'check for publishers certificate revocation'.....

oscar031, Oct 1, 6:09pm
Thank you drcspy I tried that but it didnt work either

thecrazybaker, Oct 1, 7:36pm
Oscar031 are you with xtra or vodafone are you with xtra or vodafone?? +

trial_by_fire, Oct 1, 7:37pm
remove the period/dot from the end of the pop3 & smtp addresses.

oscar031, Oct 1, 11:31pm
Both I can only get dial up here and then only sometimes so I got a vodem from vodafone and as it only works when it wants to but normally pretty good I still pay $5 a month to have dial up too,And it has been working fine for about a year and a half. there is no dot at the end of those addresses Thanks

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