Canon Printer MX 700 and urgent advice?

footplate1, Oct 2, 7:07am
Canon Printer MX 700 and urgent advice? I can overcome "ink running low" with printing from the PC. But it is being stubborn over printing a fax from the memory. Pressing OK and pressing stop/reset is not doing it. And yes, there is ink - but not Mr Canon's expensive stuff. Yes, it hates refills!

I have an urgent family fax stuck in the machine and am going spare trying to get it to print.

Advice, please?

nzmu, Oct 2, 4:25pm
The new canons do not like third party inkI hope that by buying the canon carts your machine will work again so that you can retrieve your fax.

footplate1, Oct 2, 7:10pm
Refills Has been working fine for PC printing but the fax function hates them, it seems.

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