brad066, Oct 3, 8:09pm
Xbox iv got a xbox 360 that iv jst bought and its not pickin up discs or reading them :(
any ideas what can be done so it works properly so i can actually play some games?????

madazu, Oct 3, 8:39pm
If you just bought it its time to take it back The laser is not reading or the spindle motor is not spinning the disc either way it is a hardware fault in the DVD player onboard the X360, it has a standard warranty so if it is just purchased they have to swap or repair it.

brad066, Oct 3, 8:46pm
I didny buy it new i got it second hand.i went back to the ass@#$% who tried to rip me off and got my $ back but iv stil got the xbox so i wouldnt mind getin it fixed (if thats possible??) any help much appreciated

jancemord, Oct 3, 8:47pm
Replace the dvd rom

brad066, Oct 3, 9:05pm
Any idea wher i could get 1 from please??

lostdude, Oct 3, 9:55pm
Ring Tisco and ask them if they can fix it. Some traders (for mods or firmware upgrades) _may_ be able to fix but not sure.

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