What are your thoughts on timecapsule

derekguy, Mar 6, 6:17am
What are your thoughts on timecapsule http://www.apple.com/nz/timecapsule/

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 6:20am
I want one. As far as backups with Time Machine go, it does store things in a pretty odd way (a bunch of aliases, and who knows where they point to ... hard to recover stuff from anything but OS 10.5). But a time capsule working as my 10.5 backup, and also as an smb share to do more manual backups from my media PC is a perfect product for me. It looks pretty reasonably priced (compared to the one NAS device that I managed to find in NZ).

demonknight, Mar 6, 6:23am
Looks good Anything similar on PC..

derekguy, Mar 6, 6:24am
I mainly want it for wireless access to media files... will it work well like that?

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 6:26am
Yep. You hook it up to your wireless network, create some shares and can access your stuff that way (from what I understand). Should be no different than a PC with wireless and shared folders, or a non-Apple NAS.

derekguy, Mar 6, 6:28am
Yeah I had a look at some NAS devices and a) couldn't find wireless ones and b) they were mostly over $1000 which is crazy...

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 6:30am
I can't remember where I found one but it was on a NZ site and worked out a little dearer than the 1TB TimeCapsule. TC does work with PCs tho (obviously not the auto Time Machine backup part - but if you have a backup app on windows that can work with another volume on your network, that would work).

derekguy, Mar 6, 7:02am
Alright, another question How easy would it be to link it to my Netgear DG834PN ie have the both of them on the network, thing is I don't have a modem so having to get a modem (Netgear has one uilt in) would be a pain. I have another Netgear currently connected (just turned the DHCP off) and it works fine, anyone with an Airport Express and know if this is easy to do?

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 7:05am
I hook up my airport express to my wireless network (I have a netgear router/modem). Can't remember the exact steps, but you use Airport Assistant (or something similarly named) to tell it to connect to an existing wireless network instead of trying to create its own. An airport express isn't the same as a time capsule but I would imagine you go through a similar process (Apple forums might help).

derekguy, Mar 6, 7:08am
Cheers for the help I'll stop by the forums as well.

nzoomed, Mar 6, 7:10am
Network attached storage is much better! this is just a fancy apple gadget, there are plenty of dlnik routers and products and other companies have similar things too, where you plug into your LAN, and connect a USB hdd or install a hard drive internally so it can share it on the network, great idea

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 7:11am
You do realise that an airport express doesn't have a modem in it? I'm not sure I quite understand your question now. The TC will work as a modem + wireless router + NAS if you need it, but if you just need the NAS part it will just link into your existing WLAN.

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 7:12am
Nzoomed But it's wireless. Now that I look I'm having problems finding a wireless NAS unit in NZ which would shake out to about $800 with 1TB storage - can you point me in the right direction? Wired NAS's are pretty easy to find.

nzoomed, Mar 6, 7:21am
Couldnt you just plug it in to a wireless router?? or wireless access point so it is accessable on your wireless lan? you would have the best of both worlds that way as you can have faster speeds on any computers that are permentally connected to 1gb lan as well as your wireless pcs being able to connect

dunedin_ree, Mar 6, 7:25am
Yeah, you could but I don't *want* anything plugged into my router (everything except the Xbox is wireless anyway - all my media is accessed wirelessly). You're right in that I could just go for a wired NAS, but wireless is more convenient for me and the Apple one in particular is good for integration with time machine. Having said that if there was another brand 1TB wireless NAS significantly cheaper, I'd buy that instead (pref a unit with bays).

derekguy, Mar 6, 8:55pm
Ah no I believe the TC won't act as a modem it doesn't have a RJ-11 port... At the moment I have a Netgear modem/router which is linked o another Netgear router (two access points) and I was wondering how easy it would be to switch the second Netgear for the TC.

derekguy, Mar 8, 9:31am
Cheers guys, apparently (from the forums) it works well as a part of an existing network and can just be added like a NAS drive. Also I picked up a great hint too. My Netgear is set at a/b/g wireless for the PC laptops in the house and the TC will do only n for the two new MacBooks! Go faster wireless!

derekguy, Mar 8, 9:34am
I meant I'll set it to do only n my kingdom for an edit function!

evoeater, Mar 8, 10:00am
I was wondering when they would bring an apple equivalent to windows home server to the market. About time too.

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