ADSL 2+ modem's

ADSL 2+ modem's OK I'm looking for an Adsl 2+ modem. Whats a good Model, Would like it to be an IP of and MUST be able to assign atleast 28 ports for Port Forwarding. At the mo I have a 2001 model D-Link 500 (adsl router) which gets 6.6Mbps. But just tested the line with an adsl 2+ and got over 10Mbps (D-Link 604t). Wireless isn't an issue as I use a Linksys wrt54g for that. What you you think would be good

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 3:07 pm

You're probably better off calling/going into Dick Smith, PB Tech, QMB, Ascent etc & ask one of the tech guys. They'll know about their products & would be able to recommend more options/models. If on here people will probably only recommend the one that they have or came across.

geek_mai_b_not, Oct 4, 4:43 pm

Bump i want to know as well.. i want to prepare myself for 2010

geek_2gd4ubb, Oct 4, 5:31 pm

Wtf since when is a dsl g604t an adsl2+ router? If so I'm stoked but mine is years old and I'd be surprised if the world had even heard of adsl2+ when it was produced

geek_sirfer, Oct 4, 6:32 pm

Well the one at home is. V.B3

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 6:44 pm

Mai_b_not Dick smiths LOL. But I will be contacting my Suppliers

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 6:46 pm

Hey! Thank swivel will check mine as it came from Oz...and don't worry I never take pix of Hdds on the carpet anymore ;o)

geek_sirfer, Oct 4, 6:49 pm

Sirfer LOL.

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 6:52 pm

Well if you had suppliers to check with in the first place, why bother.

geek_mai_b_not, Oct 4, 6:53 pm

I just bought me one of these a few weeks ago (except mine has 4 ethernet ports instead of just 1), and am very pleased with it. Or a netcomm NB6Plus4W, which is pretty much just the same modem but rebranded. I decided to buy it after much hunting around and reading reviews, recommendations etc.

geek_chapadao, Oct 4, 6:53 pm

Mai_b_not Because they will have a sales pitch, where as here, Someone may use one. smart arse

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 6:55 pm

Chapadao whats the IP ??

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 6:57 pm by default but only takes a second to change. ATM I am still on plain old adsl but it is adsl2+ capable

geek_chapadao, Oct 4, 6:59 pm

Yep Just D/loaded the manual. Looks good. Thanks for that

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 7:01 pm

LOL Exactly people here would've used "one". And how many of these people gave you a model for you to consider?

geek_mai_b_not, Oct 4, 7:01 pm

Npif u wanna check out what the web admin is like & the options etc have a look at

geek_chapadao, Oct 4, 7:10 pm

Forkin ay~! D-Link DSL G604T is ADSL2+ capable..IOU a beer swivel ;o) all you dlink haters out there can eat my shorts!

geek_sirfer, Oct 4, 7:14 pm

Mai_b_not silly thing to type, as someone did. No problems sirfer as your happy now and thats what counts

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 7:16 pm

Lol at factoring in the default gateway before buying a modem....

geek_julzd2, Oct 4, 8:02 pm

Julzd2 yep. as this will save me adjusting computers and ports (28 dif progs must go out or in) so if I can get one, Oh so much easyer

geek_swivel, Oct 4, 8:04 pm

I second both of chapadao's recommendations as long as you're looking for a modem/router combo and add netgear dg834g or gt. The other two if you want QOS. All three are older models but very good and ADSL2+ capable. If you have a read through you'll find some good recommendations as well. There's a top ten list there someplace.

geek_julieandcasper, Oct 4, 8:11 pm

AG241 here. Quite nice. It's performing better on the line now with ADSL2+ (or is it the line that is performing better?). range too; but as a previous poster mentioned, it is easy to change.

geek_snookim, Oct 4, 8:40 pm

Thanks for the feedback. The biggy was a modem that would let me port forward atleast 28 ports. But i now have a few to ponder over.

geek_swivel, Oct 5, 10:53 am