Acer cashback ripoff, any1 else had probs?

quotejoss, Oct 4, 2:01am
Acer cashback ripoff, any1 else had probs? did everythng i was supposed to and 5 weeks later i get told that they havn't recieved my documents so i dnt get my 150 and thats final. sound fare?

r.g.nixon, Oct 4, 2:05am
This is common always make photocopies, send documentation by registered post that they have to sign for.

quotejoss, Oct 4, 2:06am
Thnx i made photocopies but skimpd out on the registerd post to oz, wlda been 12bux well spend tho

r.g.nixon, Oct 4, 2:27am
Keep hassling them don't give up. Get someone's name and email images of the docs to them.

knight2216, Oct 4, 3:22am
I had probelms with toshiba with cash back I insited that I wanted my money, and i sent them another copy and the sent me the cheque.

air.rowcj, Oct 4, 4:21am
Acer were OK Followed the instructions exactly. I had to ask DS for a proper tax invoice which they happily did. Plenty of good email coms all round.Also kept a screen copy of the orional DS display page. Found the process a little onerous but not impossible. After GST refund ended up with Laptop for about $350

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