is any good for web hosting?

hasbeana, Mar 21, 11:22am
Is any good for web hosting? has any body used cergoVPS?

im trying to get a vps server so i can host my sites on it. Or possibly might get myself a dedicated.

any reco's would be great!

jancemord, Mar 22, 3:54am

annandjosh, Mar 22, 4:27am
Why would he Use ixwebhosting? It looks like they simply offer web hosting, nothing as configurable as a VPS or dedicated. Personally for my VPS I use Their prices are cheap, and they are fast as hell, unlike some overpacked VPS providers. (PS, look for VPS providers that use (or offer) Xen, not OpenVPS)

legaxy, Mar 22, 5:34am
I don't know why you'd get a dedicated server unless you're doing process intensive applications, it shouldn't be necessary if you're only hosting standard websites. I saw a $4 a month VPS (capped ram at 64mb though) somewhere, checked out alright, but beyond my needs pretty much. Sorry I forget the name of the company right now though... probably linked from a slashdot ad.

andrew, May 30, 6:40pm
CergoVPS own ixwebhosting

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