Printer marks evry page at same place.

mr_lovebug, Oct 5, 12:36pm
Printer marks evry page at same place. My work place printer is not printing clearly, it is placing dots in the same place on every page. Not sure if it is a laser or ink jet. It is a MFC by brother. Will try to get more details. Any ideas on HOW to fix it? Thanks.

mr_lovebug, Oct 5, 12:44pm
It is a brother. mfc-9440cn , any help would be great, thanks.

comfreak91, Oct 5, 12:46pm
Have you tried the usual 'clean' and 'alignment' if it has that

richms, Oct 5, 12:56pm
how can you not know if your printer is laser or inkjet? Thats like not knowing if your car is a manual or automatic!

Anyway, its probably a laser, and it probably needs a new drum since there is damage to the current one. Putting paper thru more then once can do that, or if you use sheets of stickers and someone has peeled some off the page before they are put thru.

mr_lovebug, Oct 5, 1:13pm
I am not sure what the printer is cos it my work place printer. I think it is a laser after a short look on google. It has just had new toner put into it. Thats what has me worried & thinking what is wrong. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow night when I have some spare time to look into deeper. Thanks for the replys. Have a good night.

skin1235, Oct 5, 5:00pm
Print a blank page or one with a single character on say the 3rd line, if it still places dots elesewhere and is actually a laser printer then chances are it has a contaminated drum, not too differcult to clean, if it is an inkjet you have a fault in the printer which you may be able to fix by simply removing the control block for a few minutes then replacing (also resets page count too)

skin1235, Oct 5, 5:07pm
And a quick google shows it is indeed a Laser , the drum kit is rated for 19000 pages, never worked on one of that model but if like most the drums are quite easy to remove and clean, as it is a works machine it may be under a service contract, they will clean it or replace it in a very short time

ft99, Oct 5, 6:17pm
Drum has a mark on it Drum has a mark on it by the sound of it. Doing a clean probably wont fix it if the drum itself is the problem. If it is under contract, then get your service provider to replace the drum. If your company owns it, then take a print sample along with the drum back to the supplier you got it from and ask for a replacement. Hope this helps

beenbaloo, Oct 5, 7:35pm
Brother drums are considered consumable

Drums are a considered a consumable by brother and therefore not covered under warranty.

Check with your service agent/supplier for the cost of a replacement drum.

It may be less expensive to get a new printer than to replace a drum.

mr_lovebug, Oct 6, 1:12pm
Thanks for that guys. We are looking into leaving the drum in there now. We do have a spare if we have to use it we can/will. After all the drum only lasts 2 or 3 weeks. I print a stack of reports everynight. Part of the job.

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