how do i access xtra email

How do i access xtra email when I am away on holiday. Webmail doesn't seem to exist and downloaded yahoo xtra but this shows as nothing in inbox when there is? What am I doing wrong? Thanks

geek_justwhatever, Oct 6, 8:25 pm

Xtra webmail address is .......

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 8:46 pm

?are you or have you used or setup any other programs like outlook express or incredimail etc to download your email in the past?

geek_shadowschic, Oct 6, 8:47 pm

I have signed into this but shows as no messages when there is in my outlook express.

geek_justwhatever, Oct 6, 8:48 pm

The reason you cant see your emails is your email client is downloading then deleting the messages from the server. While you are away, if no one is using your email client, your new emails will be in your webmail.

geek_ferita, Oct 6, 8:49 pm

You can also set outlook express not to delete the messages if you want to back them up in the webmail..

geek_ferita, Oct 6, 8:49 pm

So you are saying say if i went to a friends place or internet cafe & used their computer i would have access to it but because I am trying to view it on my computer it isn't allowing me to?

geek_justwhatever, Oct 6, 8:52 pm

how do I do this? Thanks

geek_justwhatever, Oct 6, 8:53 pm

NoEverytime outlook express downloads YOUR emails, it deletes those OFF the webmail server. This is the default settings for outlook express & most other email clients.

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 8:53 pm

Startup Outlook express Tools/accounts/properties/advanced . . down the bottom of the page is a box with "leave a copy on the server"

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 8:55 pm

Tick that box to leave a copy of your emails On the webmail server for when you want to access the messages whoile away for a few days.

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 8:57 pm

Re: 7 Yes.. your computer hates you and decided not to let you read the emails

geek_ferita, Oct 6, 8:57 pm

DON'T FORGET To check webmail & read/clear/save msg's from time to time WHILE you have that setting ticked.

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 8:58 pm

LOL Ferita Very well could be the problem . Suspect mostly p e b k a c

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 9:02 pm

Thanks everyone you have been most helpful problem now solved. Yes sometimes i think my Computer does hate me LOL. Not even going to ask what that stands for, ignorance is bliss!Thanks again

geek_justwhatever, Oct 6, 9:04 pm

LOL justwhatever It's a LOT nicer then the "eye dee ten tea" error (write it down & spell it like it sounds) that gets reserved for the .. . . . .. . . . . . ppl. "problem exists between keyboard and chair"

geek_mrfxit, Oct 6, 9:08 pm

Good one You're right it is nicer! LOL

geek_justwhatever, Oct 6, 9:14 pm