If I have a 6 year old 40GB, 256MB SD Ram

andrea1978, Mar 7, 8:20pm
If I have a 6 year old 40GB, 256MB SD Ram HP computer is it worth getting fixed/upgraded? I just bought a new computer as the old one came up with a black screen and error message asking did I want to start in safe mode, last known good configuration etc. but wouldn't go any further. Just wanted to know if I could fix it for the kids? Thanks

jancemord, Mar 7, 8:22pm
Do you have the CDS for it just reinstall XP

illusion_, Mar 7, 8:24pm
See if you can use the restore cd if not it is POSSIBLY a hardware problem. Worth having a clued up mate having a look at it but not worth spending much money on.

andrea1978, Mar 7, 8:25pm
It didn't come with XP Cd when I bought it Just like the new one I got didn't come with vista. Should they?

andrea1978, Mar 7, 8:26pm
Illusion what's a restore CD? .

drcspy, Mar 7, 8:41pm
If it's a compaq/hp/ or a branded computer many come with the recovery system built into the harddrive on a 'hidden' partition.......what's the make of the pc ?

pheonix, Mar 7, 9:20pm
If you carefully look at post 1 the first 2 letters of the second line gives you a broad hint. :D

andrea1978, Mar 8, 6:49am
So how would I restore it then if it is hidden? ?

swivel, Mar 8, 6:52am
If it didn't come with disks then try Pressinf F10 or F12 and see if it boots into a recovery mode

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 8, 7:40am
Heh think its actualy F11 on those. It should say down the bottom when it first boots up with the HP screen.

pcmaster, Mar 8, 7:41am
F10 for an HP F12 for a compaq, F11 allows you to change the boot order without accessing the rest of the cmos

swivel, Mar 8, 7:43am
Pyro_sniper2002 could be, But in bois the show F keys maybe turned off. then they wont show

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 8, 9:21am
F10 is bios on HPs of today anyway, I can tell you this because im currently imaging 94 of them, and each one needs named in the bios....fun times.

deus701, Mar 8, 9:37am
I have sth identical to what you have but oringinal specs was 20gb, 256mb ram and 1.8Ghz Pentium 4-m. I stopped using my restore cds, just put in a windows cd (pirated) to reformat. Only upgrade I did was with the ram..

deus701, Mar 8, 9:39am
Mine would be 6 years as well and the hdd has been running for 23672 hours. I think its be good basic comp for kids to do their work and surf the net.

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