Server HDD - always on?

ladaspeed, Oct 7, 5:46am
Server HDD - always on? Have built a server and I want to know if the disks should be running always or to let them spin down...? My take on it is that most wear will take place during spin up/spin down so they should be always on, anyone have any opinions?

vtecintegra, Oct 7, 5:48am
Depends on how much it's being accessed. If it might be inactive for hours at a time you may as well let the disks power down.

keegan27, Oct 8, 9:58am
It dont really matter severs are made for that sort of thing

dunedin_ree, Oct 8, 10:03am
Servers have server grade disks but my question is - is a desktop (which is what I assume the OP has built) with desktop-grade disks and components really made for having the disks spin 24/7?

keegan27, Oct 8, 10:06am
Yea even desktop hard dives can spin 24/7 but i cundnt imagine the eletirc bill

dunedin_ree, Oct 8, 10:07am
I know they can I was asking if it was a sensible idea to do so.

keegan27, Oct 8, 10:55am
Yea it is a good idea ...

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