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celtic1966, Oct 7, 10:38am
PC Help Please Friend of mine is having trouble with PCShe downloaded one of those freetoo good to be true programmes that is supposed to scan and then speed up you pc and internet connectionanyways now she keeps getting warning messages coming up saying it is a counterfeit version of Windows XP and the programme has messed with the settings etc. I tried to format it for her, but for some unknown reason, it keeps stopping and will only go so far before freezing. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

namtak, Oct 7, 10:45am
#Others may disagree but If its stalling during the format I'd remove the hard drive and slave it to another computer to format it. Of course this assumes that you have backed up any data you want.

lythande1, Oct 8, 12:10am
Why did you? So you were prepared to back up her data first, you had the drivers ready as well as windows, and all her apps too? Why didn't you just remove the offending program and do a malware scan?
What you tried is like replacing the motor in a car because the battery is flat.

brijo, Oct 8, 12:23am
Typical case of a little knowledge is a dangerous take it to a tech now before you do more damage.

1clickaway, Oct 8, 3:19am
Once You Passed The Point of no return. Its looks harder than it is. is SOME cases: Computers 'retain' viruses: So when you format it: It stays in the PC: Logic would have it: To remove ALL Hardware Devices: [IE plugs into HDD CD Rom: Battery: Video card: Network card. And Memory] Of course doing this: Defaults Computer BIOS into an old age time zone. So you need to change that first. Within BIOS: You need to first try the DEFAULT optimize settings: then insert XP CD Rom disk and format it using the SETUP process: It SHOULD take up 45 minutes. If it takes longer: Check BIOS again for any setting that IS or Isn't working. [This usually a frustrating part] Good Luck. :D

celtic1966, Oct 8, 6:21am
Thanks 1clickawayI appreciate your positive helpful suggestionsMy friend has not had the pc long and so there is nothing on there that she really wants to keep so that is why she was happy to have it formatted. I had a disc made already of applications to load on as well as windows xp cd. Yes I did first look for the application and did remove a couple of them but the problem did not go away with thatthus attempting to format.

drcspy, Oct 8, 7:22am
Well it's nice to try to help a friend BUT....it's quite possible your 'help' thru lack of knowledge will end up with the whole situation costing either you or your friend quite a few dollars to fix........too late I guess........better to not fiddle around if you are not too sure of what you are doin ?.......jsut how EXACTLY (what steps did you do) did you go about 'formating'...and reinstalling ?..........

spyware, Oct 8, 8:10am
1clickaway - how do you make this crap up?? .

celtic1966, Oct 8, 9:59am
Drcspy I haven't formatted It had stalled at 15%. I did delete two applications of programmes that she had no recollection of downloading which she thinks may be related to the download/scan thing that she did

dunedin_ree, Oct 8, 10:00am
15% of what? What part of the formatting/installation process? Does it boot?

celtic1966, Oct 8, 10:23am
Yes it boots ups Sorry, not very clear there in my detailsIt stalled at 15% during formattingit just seemed to freeze and I had to do alt ctrl del to restart the pc, but it boots up again.

pcmaster, Oct 8, 10:27am
Boots to what? where were you trying to format from? you cant do it within windows.

beanie, Oct 8, 10:33am
Perhaps they mean scan disk?

celtic1966, Oct 8, 10:36am
I have formatted before my own pc and never had any trouble that is why I offered to help my friend. I did what I normally would do, put in the Windows XP Disc and restarted and you get the message telling you to push any key, which I did.. and went through the process there; but then it stalled/froze at 15% of commencing formatting.

pcmaster, Oct 8, 10:37am
Beanie thats my thinking too, or a defrag process, as opposed to a format that often gets to around 10-15% before it "freezes" to use their term, esp when done in non-safemode windows

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