Is the D-link DSL-G604T a ADSL 2+ modem?

ifusion, Oct 8, 2:36am
Is the D-link DSL-G604T a ADSL 2+ modem? Is the D-link DSL-G604T a ADSL 2+ modem? ADSL 2+ is available in our area and wondering if this modem is capable of ADSL 2+?

spyware, Oct 8, 2:46am
It depends on how old it is. The gen II versions are, but the older versions aren't.

ifusion, Oct 8, 2:48am
Oh ok, I think we may have the old one because it just says "Wireless ADSL Router" on the side. No ADSL 2+ anywhere on it. Plus internet speeds are still the same as before:

kingzzz, Oct 8, 2:54am

find your modem in the drop down list, then in the menu tree there is adsl2+ support. you can download new firmware to upgrade to support adsl2+.

ifusion, Oct 8, 3:00am
Cheers kingzzz but what about the warning at the bottom:
NOTE: This firmware is only suitable for modems/routers distributed in
Australia. If you bought your router outside Australia or New Zealand
the firmware upgrade may damage your router and void the Warranty.

sirfer, Oct 8, 7:10am
Ooh goody! Mine is a g604T/AU...gonna try upgrading tonight!

madazu, Oct 8, 8:20am
RE it is outside of Australia or New you live somewhere else ? the firmware update is for your model just make sure you get the firmware for your series of router.

sirfer, Oct 8, 10:18pm
Upgraded firmware and nothing special happened.. Guess my one is toooooo old, which is odd cuz the guy I bought it from on TM said it was adsl2 capable...bought in 2006 so I have my doubts

spyware, Oct 9, 2:51am
Your speed indicates that your plan is 128 kbps upstream. This plan is NOT compatible with adsl2+ as upstream speed limits downstream speed to well below adsl/adsl2+ capability. Given your downstream speed your current downstream attenuation maybe too high for any noticeable increase in speed anyway (apart from the crappy router and plan). Please log onto router and post attenuation and noise margin numbers.

sirfer, Oct 9, 3:14am
Line attenuation is 10 upstream and 6 downstream...upstream speeds are supposed to be uncapped by November(?) so we will see ay? It's not like I'm gonna buy a new router over it anyway....thanks for the heads-up spyware...

sirfer, Oct 9, 3:18am
Where do I find noise margin numbers? ARe they called something else? Aha SNR = Signal to Noise Ratio I'm guessing...SNR Margin = 18dB downstream and 40dB upstream

swivel, Oct 9, 3:38am
Sirfer What Version is yours ?? v.B3 is adsl2+

sirfer, Oct 9, 5:09am
It is a'll be interesting to see what happens when upload cap is dropped...having said that, after installing new firmware, it runs a lot better . Debian used to take a few goes to detect it and now it succeeds right away

guest, May 14, 12:59am
I upgrade my G604t with the new firmware but the first generation G604T has a hardware cap. It wont download faster than 6.5 mb/s. Now I have bought a new modem I get 13.5 mb/s (using
I live about 1km from a cabinet.

anthony, Jun 1, 11:47pm
how do I find the passport number on this ADSL router??

dk, Jul 13, 8:08pm
My version is DSL-G604T V.A1...
The firmware versions are as follows:
ADSL Firmware Version: - - Annex A - 01.07.02 - 0.49
ADSL Software Version: V2.00B01T01.EU.20050609

Is it ADSL 2+ ?
Please help.

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