what would upgrading to an ADSL2+ router from the

What would upgrading to an ADSL2+ router from the DSE XH1169 4 port ADSL router do? ISP is xnet

geek_olack, Mar 22, 5:11 pm

All xnet customers appear to be running ADSL1 profiles even on ADSL2+ enabled exchanges. Start a thread on Geekzone Xnet forum http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=65

geek_spyware, Mar 22, 5:20 pm

Hey spyware... http://www.telecom.co.nz/binarys/adslplus_07_dec_2007.pdf

geek_olack, Mar 22, 7:20 pm

Looking at the .pdf file I would think ADSL2+ is ..inplace in Otahuhu and Mount Wellington now. Am I right, according to the schedule I think I am right...get it...according to the schedule...lol...geeze...

geek_olack, Mar 22, 7:23 pm

I hate that list :( my exchange is not even listed :( lol

geek_flewy, Mar 22, 7:28 pm

Xtra customers get ADSL2+ profiles according to schedule BUT other ISPs not necessarily apparently. There are numerous older threads on geekzone that seem to indicate this as being true.

geek_spyware, Mar 22, 7:30 pm

I will telephone xnet on Moday...if I remember ..

geek_olack, Mar 22, 7:38 pm

Me too, flewy and for the same reason. O_o

geek_julieandcasper, Mar 22, 9:23 pm

Ditto #8 Hey olack, would be interested in the results of your call. Theoretically ADSL 2 is in the control of Telecom and should be on when they change out the exchange end equipment. To know definitely would be good before it arrives here and I get asked those kind of questions.

geek_pheonix, Mar 22, 9:48 pm

Ok, thread bookmarked ...

geek_olack, Mar 22, 10:07 pm

You will have to wait unitl tomorrow now.. ...I had unexpected business today...lol...not really, but I had to go out all day...actually I think I will blame the train "technical" difficulties the train station intercomm reported. So there was an hour delay as I was waiting for the train to bring me home.

geek_olack, Mar 25, 10:52 pm

ANSL+2 www.telecom.co.nz/binarys/adslplus_07_dec_2007.pdf
Had a look at this. Can someone help me? I'm in Papamoa, a suburb of Tauranga. Not sure of our exchange (5722*** group), but can't even see Tauranga.

geek_ianalice1, Mar 26, 7:34 am

Oh good.. ..xnet putting telecom onto the job to do tests. Xnet tech said we should be getting up to 4 times the download rates we are getting.

geek_olack, Mar 26, 11:05 am

This is a newer version of the rollout schedule http://www.telecom.co.nz/binarys/adsl2%20080131.pdf

geek_kron1q, Mar 26, 11:30 am

I could not find out about Papamoa...Xnet told me ...ADSL2+ is ready and the connection rates probably would not be any better but they may be better with an ADSL2+ router. The borrowed ADSL2+ router I tried had the wrong power adapter so when the proper adapter shows up I will try it. However the nice xnet chap said he would ask telecom to test the lines, as they always seem to get around to when i tell them the speeds are slow, and since then the downstream connection rate increased by about 20% to about 922Kbps and stayed at about 680Kbps Upload. He said the download readings should be 4 times what they are.

geek_olack, Mar 27, 9:16 pm

...bump bimp boop... ...bop!

geek_olack, Mar 28, 11:05 am

...and an email reply from xnet... ...We do not currently offer ADSL2.

geek_olack, Mar 28, 3:28 pm