Acer Veriton Ram Upgrade to 3gb only shows 2.5gb

Acer Veriton Ram Upgrade to 3gb only shows 2.5gb I have upgraded my desktop computer ram from 2gb (4 x 512ddr400) to 3gb (2 x 1gb, 2 x 512mb) When I have a looked in bios or Mr Computer properties it's only showing up 2.5gb. I have disabled the onboard graphics but it still shows 2.5gb. Any help would be appreciated.

geek_davo27, Oct 9, 8:24 pm

got the motherboard model number? try a crucial scan -

geek_0800xford, Oct 9, 8:36 pm

You've disabled the onboard graphics ? so you have an 'add in' graphics card then ?

geek_drcspy, Oct 9, 9:23 pm

I've got a 256mb AGP card installed. The scan revealed I have 3gb installed and a maximum of 4gb possible. It still shows 2550mb in 'My Computer' properties though. Any other way I could sort this out. Cheers

geek_davo27, Oct 9, 9:57 pm

......disable the on board graphics...

geek_pixma, Oct 9, 9:58 pm

Ram read problem Depends on your motherboard. Some will take a max. of 2gb of dual channel DDR400s only, especially socket 939 motherboards, and somehow read part of the third slot. Check your manual to ascertain types of ram configurations. Probably find that it will take and read DDR333 ram in full.

geek_gordy71, Oct 10, 3:04 pm

got the motherboard model number?

geek_0800xford, Oct 10, 3:06 pm

The Model Number is Acer Veriton 3600GA. Still have trouble with this. Thanks to all those who have posted.

geek_davo27, Oct 10, 10:29 pm

What does an app like SIW think you have in each memory slot...

geek_gibler, Oct 10, 10:40 pm

What does Task Manager say about your total RAM? If it's correct there (should be 3145728, or there abouts) then don't worry about what "My Computer, Properties" says. Flash your Bios to latest version to fix it for good.

geek_lostdude, Oct 11, 6:18 am