2 pc's, 1 printer wanting to hook up!

angelzw, Oct 9, 8:33pm
2 pc's, 1 printer wanting to hook up! What would I need to get the 2 pc's (in the same room) to see each other and share a printer and internet connection). Just need a basic setup for file sharing between the 2 pc's and they both want to share 1 printer and an internet connection (it's dial up). Both pc's running XP Home and both have ethernet cards. Please could some-one help me out as I've not attempted this before. What hardware would I need to look at getting.

babcorp, Oct 9, 8:38pm
This will suit perfectly can be used wired or wirelessly, Auction Number: 181565259

woogmo, Oct 9, 9:00pm
So will this 180375658

woogmo, Oct 9, 9:01pm
Strike that this one: 180462804

executor1, Oct 9, 9:04pm
You could always go the free route, hook the printer and internet connection into 1 computer, and then set up internet connection sharing with the second comp for internet, and share the printer from the 1st one so that you are able to access the printer from both comps.

executor1, Oct 9, 9:06pm
Oh yeah, you will need to make sure that the computers are connected together using a crossover ethernet cable.

Either one of the auctions that woogmo has posted should work perfectly.

angelzw, Oct 9, 10:16pm
Awesome thanks for the advice. This mb is a real help for a noob like me. Thanks.

drcspy, Oct 9, 10:36pm
will only work as a wireless printer server if you have a wireless capable printer....otherwise a crossover cable between the pc's and a the net connected to one of the pc's and running that one as a proxy server (www.analogx.com look for 'proxy') ......will work fine as and be very cheap.......what version of windoze do the pc's run.....

babcorp, Oct 10, 1:43am
Look again drcspy printer plugs directly into the router.

drcspy, Oct 10, 1:46am
Hm.......so it does.......I have the Asus 520gc that is the gu model..interesting ......

pcmaster, Oct 10, 3:15am
I'd do whats suggested in myself especially seeing its only dialup internet being used.

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