Blu-ray is doomed

Blu-ray is doomed

geek_phillbit, Mar 8, 11:02 am

That guy is an idiot all he is stating is everything that was stated when CD's came out then when DVD's came out, nothing new , people decide, just with any new technology things take time and other companies get inventive.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 11:05 am

It was on my home page

geek_phillbit, Mar 8, 11:07 am

And im sposed to GAF bout that??

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 11:09 am

It was on your home page ?! Well, that settles it then. Have you rung Sony to advise them of the impending Apocolypse?

geek_ross1970, Mar 8, 11:23 am

What why would i want to ring them it was list under news i read it. I though blu ray was going well but by that i dont no now

geek_phillbit, Mar 8, 11:25 am

I think blu ray is here to stay. It took many mny years for DVD to become popular after it was first available. However, I do think Bluray is going to be a neice[sp] product, and standard DVD will be what the masses buy. End of the day, an average person really can't tell (or care) about the difference.

geek_bogues1, Mar 8, 11:26 am

If they come down in price they yea it would take off but who can really aford it.

geek_phillbit, Mar 8, 11:29 am

... 6. you base that feeling on that article??? you don't have to belive anything you read you know. His arguments were pretty weak...

geek_acura, Mar 8, 11:30 am

K... i see nzcity remove it off the homepage as it was under the top news area

geek_phillbit, Mar 8, 11:31 am

... 8. That what they said about DVD. I mean the player i got and still use cost me round the $500 mark and that was pretty cheap at the time for what is just an entry level model. Compare that to the cost of DVD players now. Now draw the same parallel with cost of blu ray players now.

geek_acura, Mar 8, 11:32 am

Lol true acura my first dvd player was a Sony ES Series cost me $1500 lol last one i bout cost me $150 and it played more files.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 11:34 am

And i bought the PS2 when it first came out got the PS2 plus extra controller and a dvd and extra game all up cost $1800 lol i was a fool back then , now i wait a few years. Dont have that need to be first anymore.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 11:35 am

Oh that was on HP with interest tho, was bout 1400 i think cash.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 11:36 am

... Was going to say you dive it head 1st don't you lol...! I was more th cautious type. For DVD 1st thing i did was to play it on a PC - that was way back on a p2-350 and i paid an extra $400 for the DVD drive!!! Sort of the same thing i going to do with blu ray - PC based 1st then home theatre... just got the LCD monitor to handle full-HD still deciding on the drive :(

geek_acura, Mar 8, 11:38 am

That article is retarded the difference in picture quality between HD and standard DVD is Huge!

geek_greencoffee, Mar 8, 11:52 am

... Now if you want to get into an interesting debate you'd ask if the diff between 720p and 1080p is noticeable... :P

geek_acura, Mar 8, 12:00 pm

Re 16 I agree. Watched Ghost Rider on blu ray in 1080p and you see cool bits of detail on the monster's skin that you don't see on the dvd version; it also brings out the cragginess of the old man's face, you can see every pore and wrinkle like canyons etched in the landscape. Didn't bother to read the article but I suspect it's just another disinformation article by a p---ed off former HD-DVD supporter.

geek_kylestyle, Mar 8, 12:15 pm

IMHO that article is very highly opinionated, based on unsubstantiated facts.

geek_hatsuko, Mar 8, 12:27 pm

"Watched Ghost Rider" fark i feel sorry for you. Anyhow the article does miss some very important points both + and negative for Blu-ray.

geek_hdmovies, Mar 8, 12:27 pm

... Hey i say that at the movies... he's done OK!!!

geek_acura, Mar 8, 12:34 pm

Re 20 huh? you didn't like Ghost Rider? I thought it rocked. I like Nicolas Cage, and it had that ramblin' old dude from The Big Lebowski, and the subject matter was about stunt riders and I'm a fan of guys like Evel Knievel and Gary Wells etc. Add in the very hot Eva Mendes and special effects that are the best since Terminator 2 (with all the morphing cgi going on) and you have the ingredients for a helluva entertaining flick. So don't feel sorry for me.. I feel sorry for you, missing out on enjoying a film for what it is.. not being all snobby and refusing to watch certain genres / actors etc. With movies, I think you have to be open minded towards different things whether they're action, comedy, or something like Amelie. I can't stand film snobs. I guess you sneer upon Steven Seagal too huh?

geek_kylestyle, Mar 8, 1:34 pm

Blu-Ray will soon be superceded.... Any you will get your HD Movies on 64Gb USB Flash Drives all in the price of the movie. How's that for a prediction? Signed ~~*SighKick Predictions*~~ :)

geek_sighkick, Mar 8, 2:09 pm

I am open minded, but ghost rider was a prety poor comic before the turned it into a below average movie. Trust me I have a very wide tollerance in films and for me ghost rider wasn't bad enought to be funny, and not good enough to be enjoyable.

geek_hdmovies, Mar 8, 2:25 pm

Ah Ghost Rider Use to play that on the zx Spectrum

geek_swivel, Mar 8, 2:31 pm

Right, so any movies you don't happen to like you immediately 'feel sorry' for anyone who does? Given that the point was to emphasise the visual difference between dvd and blu ray (and I've seen this movie in both formats on the same display) there was no need to comment on whether you thought the film itself was bad or not. It adds nothing to the discussion.

geek_kylestyle, Mar 8, 3:44 pm

Correct it was a flipant remark done to get a rise out of you.. Honestly i didn't think it would work, but it did.

geek_hdmovies, Mar 8, 5:51 pm

Hehe prob not too hard to get a rise out of a nik cage fan ;) and my contribution to the thread is that i too think the days of optical media are numbered just like those of hdds with disks...flash memory is the future...

geek_sirfer, Mar 8, 6:39 pm

Lol children!

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 6:39 pm

Re27 lol was shite and steven seagal ffs i think i could act better than him:P
Some ppl like seagal/van damme movies and some like 'acting' movies each to their own:)

geek_dino7, Mar 8, 10:26 pm

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