ADSL2+ speed issue

ifusion, Oct 11, 2:25am
ADSL2+ speed issue Hey, I've just brought a Linksys WAG200G modem so i can get ADSL2+ as it is availble in our area. The problem is im still getting the same speeds as before (3000-3800kpbs). Ive rung Xtra and they have done speed tests on the link and there getting 7000ish kbps which is what i expect. So any suggestions why im not getting any faster speeds? Cheers.

kane199, Oct 11, 2:30am
How many phones and devices do you have plugged into your phoneline? Try setting the Modem to run in ADSL2+

rich_mild, Oct 11, 3:27am
Check your connection spped to the exchange Go to the WAG200G setup page and then go to the status page then click on the DSL Connection tab. This will show your connection speed to the exchange (mines Downstream Rate: 9150 kbps
Upstream Rate: 859 kbps

ifusion, Oct 11, 3:40am
I did have a fax plugged into the same line which was running through a line filter. Did as you said rich_mild and im getting: Downstream Rate: 7547 kbps Upstream Rate: 165 kbps. My "DSL Modulation:" is set to "Multimode". Is yours rich_mild?

morrisman1, Oct 11, 3:57am
Are you on an ADSL2+ plan?

ifusion, Oct 11, 4:00am
Yip we are on the 20Gb Adventure plan.

spyware, Oct 11, 4:37am
Your upload speed appears to be limited to 165 kbps. This low speed will restrict the download speed. I think Adventure had a 128 kbps restriction before its upgrade on 6th. Wait another week and then check with Xtra re: the profile.

ifusion, Oct 11, 5:19am
Ok, will do. .

rich_mild, Oct 11, 2:17pm
Yes ifusion My "DSL Modulation:" is set to "Multimode" which I think just runs through all the modes and selects the best one for the connection. I'm on FS/FS and can't wait for ADSL2 which is ment to come in next year to this area. :)

memyselfandi1, Oct 11, 2:29pm
Change to another I.S.P

smith66, Oct 11, 6:32pm
Agreed +1 btw you're only syncing at 7MB so are you sure your local exchange is adsl2+ capable?

lana_forman, Oct 11, 7:45pm
There should be no cap on your upload speed with that plan, call them and get them to fix that for you. Any idea how far away from the exchange/cabinet you are?

ifusion, Oct 11, 11:07pm
Yep, I used the online checking tool to see if ADSL2+ is available in my area and it is. Im about 630m away from the exchange according to the guy from telecom. I'll give telecom a ring and see what they can do about that upload speed.

meelo12, Oct 12, 3:21am
Socan u people with adsl2+ actually dl stuff at 1MB/s?

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