Abode reader, is it free or do u buy ?

Abode reader, is it free or do u buy ? Im needing an abode reader for my imac can you get them free or do they cost?

geek_james63, Oct 12, 12:55 am

Adobe Acrobat reader is free but your iMac will have a built in PDF reader called "Preview".

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 12, 12:59 am

Open some attachments Oh, having trouble with opening some email attachments and was wondering what the problems is

geek_james63, Oct 12, 1:04 am

What are the attachments? And are you using Apple Mail?

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 12, 1:08 am

Mail Its call MAIL, and sorry the attachments can open but come out not in a readable format. I havent any on hand so I cant say what kind they are . Also when I forward some attachments they are forwarded with it included

geek_james63, Oct 12, 1:16 am

Well until you find out what kind of attachments they are there's not much we can do to help. It might be as simple as you not having the font that the sender has sent you (depends what you mean by "readable format"). Do you remember what application they opened in? Sorry, can't make any sense of your last question.

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 12, 1:23 am

Adobe reader is free, but it's a bloated piece of shit that comes bundled with adobe's updater which is also a bloated piece of shit.

geek_puddleduck00, Oct 12, 1:28 am

Thanks Ive made a few notes of what to look for so when it happens again I'll be able to make my question clearer. In the meantime THANKS for your support

geek_james63, Oct 12, 1:30 am

Problems sorted I open the attachment with WORD and its now readable. GREAT

geek_james63, Oct 12, 2:16 am