Help needed setting up Printer for use with laptop

bilou2, Oct 11, 10:20pm
Help needed setting up Printer for use with laptop I have a Toshiba laptop and want to connect a Epson Stylus printer for use when I have the laptop at home. How do I go about it? could someone walk through it with me? I am running XP on the laptop

oldman, Oct 11, 10:27pm
Depends on the Epson Printer Some printers connect via a parallel port (some laptops don't have a parallel port) Some printers do not have drivers for Windows XP (or Vista) Lots of variables. Much more info about printer and laptop needed

nzmu, Oct 11, 10:44pm
Install the software - do you have the disc? It will lead you through the process.

bilou2, Oct 12, 1:44am
No, no disc with software but I went to the Epson site and thought I may need to download the drivers? for this model. Is this correct?

It is a printer we have had sitting around work and I thought it would be more useful at home!!!

How do I know if the laptop has a parallel port?

aaronpotter, Oct 12, 1:56am
It is the biggest port on the back of the laptop

gbbrot, Oct 12, 2:07am
Forget the parrallel port.. hasn't been around for years. If the computer tells you it can't find the driver, you will have to find one on the web. Try

executor1, Oct 12, 2:08am
If your printer is connected via parallel, check if the cable is removable. Then you could try and get a centronics to usb adaptor cable. Auction# 181965274

oldman, Oct 12, 8:22am
For goodnes sake tell us the model of your printer and the laptop. All the quaint and BS suggestions on here don't mean sh$t without that info, in fact some of the suggestions are seriously misleading.

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