Laptop wont boot

Laptop wont boot model asus L300d,windowas xp pro 512 ram and 40gig Hd " unsure of cpu". Problem is it seems that the fan is the only thing working, hd doesnt seem to spin up. When the power button is pressed it spins for about asecond and then stops. Any ideas to what could be wrong would be grateful.Thanks

geek_gazvic, Mar 8, 9:40 pm

Could be RAM System board/cpu/power socket, quite a few things really. First make sure the power socket in the back of the laptop isnt wratteling around, meaning broken solder joints etc. A bit of residual charge in the battery will make it try and boot. Try the ram too, the laptops video memory will be onboard using the ram. Have seen this on a few other branded laptops.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 8, 10:19 pm