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ponyboy, Oct 13, 9:09am
Wireless access on public networks?? To send an email from my OE doesn't work when I drive round in my car & come across access to an unsecured network. I guess I have to go thru webmail instead??

got2bin2win, Oct 13, 9:14am
Did you get a connection? if so what speed connection if only low like 1mb it could time out that's what i find when out in my garage on a bad day, any way you get what ya pay for thief...

dunedin_ree, Oct 13, 9:19am
Is it come into computing and wind us up day? No one told me ....

hunnyb1, Oct 13, 9:23am
That's how it works In order to send mail via your ISP's mailserver you have to be connecting via them (using an address in their 'address pool') .. so unless you happen to be on an open connection that uses the same ISP, you won't be able to send mail through it. The same thing happens if you take your computer to a friend's place and plug into their network. What you can do is find out which ISP you're connecting through and temporarily reconfigure OE to use their mail servers instead, which will work.

executor1, Oct 13, 9:31am
Hunnyb1 um.are you mad, the isp of the access point that you are connected to has makes no change to sending mail. case in point, i can just as easily send an email via my ISP's mail server from a colleagues house, and they are on ihug. It matters not a jot.

chessman, Oct 13, 9:33am
It will work on any network if you use send.xtra.co.nz on the secure port because that outgoing server requires you to authenticate with your xtra user/pass regardless of where you connect from. however some wireless hotspot providers automatically capture all smtp traffic and re-route it thru the local smtp of the isp which powers the hotspot

flewy, Oct 13, 9:34am
Agree with executor i upgrade family and friends pc's here and also get there emails to if pc is out of action for more than a few days, different ips's , as the rock says " It Dosent Matter."

dunedin_ree, Oct 13, 9:34am
Don't you have to use your connections smtp unless you're using authenticated smtp (which you can use anywhere)??

shopie, Oct 13, 9:36am
Most ISPs SMTP servers will block acess from users outside there address range. Its a spam prevention measure. Like has been said, you must enable some sort of security, whether it be SSL or SMTP authentication or both.

flewy, Oct 13, 9:36am
You use what ever isp's protocals

as long as its set up properly it will work.

d.snell, Oct 13, 3:04pm
Download and install Autoroute SMTP (http://www.mailutilities.com/ars/)load in all the smtp addresses of the NZ ISP's, easy to find on their sites, and then it will detect the ISP you are connected to and switch over to the correct smtp address to send. Most ISP's in NZ will not allow relaying of outgoing mail. This is to block spamming via other ISP's.. Although, some allow authentication, this will leave you wide open to tracing.. You make it real easy as you send your email addy and password.. Not advisable...

ferita, Oct 13, 7:04pm
Why would you even send an email through someone elses wifi access point without encrypting the data sent? Use hotspot shield or something similar if you have to.

cybertao, Oct 13, 7:15pm
If you can't use your choice of smtp then don't. Use webmail instead.

pcgeek, Oct 13, 7:37pm
Umm people why are you helping this person? technically speaking you are helping him/her hack into people's insecure wireless networks....

cybertao, Oct 13, 8:15pm
No, we're not. This person is looking for unsecured networks - no hacking involved. If you leave your front door open, don't be surprised to come home to someone on your couch watching TV and eating your food. Also, if they are to stupid to work out how to send an email or use the internet at the library or many other connections availiable then they aren't exactly going to be spoofing MAC numbers and cracking WPA2.

ferita, Oct 13, 8:26pm
Re: 15 its still hacking and still illegal. Hacking doesnt need to be complex to be hacking. Loging into someones cms with the defualt login and password is just the same, they left the door unlocked but you accessed it. The same would apply to a backdoored webserver or ftp server that hasnt been set up properly allowing anonymous access to the wwwroot. Its still hacking

ponyboy, Oct 13, 9:43pm
I'm not into hacking or harming anybodies system I was under the impression there are various wireless access points around the city (Auckland) that were available for public use much like the ones provided by some cafes to lure customers in.

nzoomed, Oct 13, 9:44pm
Is it hacking? How is pressing buttons illegal? Hacking is intentionally trying to break past securuty, if there is no security then wht is there to "hack"? lol I havnt personally gone out and looked for wlans, but my laptop has automatically connected to wireless networks on its own in the past without me even doing anything! lol What is it to say its unsecured for a reason? some people set up netowrks to share data with others, check out nzwireless.org!

cybertao, Oct 13, 9:49pm
Using a default login and password would constitute unlawful access, and is illegal. Sending an email or surfing from the roadside via an unsecured access point...I'd like to see that held up in court under Bill No 6 of the Crimes Amendment Act. The fact it's publicly accessible would make it impossible to prove access was unauthorised. People should have WEP on their wireless points - even if it can be cracked easily, the act of doing it would constitute 'hacking'. Point of law aside, personal responsibility for your stuff takes precedence.

cybertao, Oct 13, 9:53pm
Lol, ponyboy The first post makes it sound like you are 'wardriving', looking for unsecured access points in a neighbourhood. Some cafes and the like do offer connection points, but not many allow free access to people on the street(that I'm aware of, but I live in Whangarei...).

nzoomed, Oct 13, 10:27pm
Technically speaking it would be considered "stealing" if you used some of their internet bandwidth they they pay for, but again, as you say, if its open there is no way to tell if it was unauthorized access, as they have made it open for everyone! lol

d.laidlaw, Oct 14, 12:36am
so you would suport people wandering around looking for houses with their doors open?

ferita, Oct 14, 3:27am
So shops that leave goods out on display are inviting people to take them?? Thats the same analogy. Just because your computer automatically connects to an open wifi access point doesnt mean that its legal. In fact its automated hacking as your computer did it for you. Just like script kiddies autohack webservers by using vulnerability scanners scanning c class IP ranges. Its exactly the same as driving around looking for an open access point.

cybertao, Oct 14, 5:23am
This is hilarious. If you leave the front door open and someone wanders in, they aren't breaking any law. Trespass only applies once you have told them to leave. No, I don't like the idea of someone driving around using bandwidth. But that doesn't make it illegal. LOCK YOUR DOOR AND ENCRYPT YOUR NETWORK! Not doing either is just asking for trouble. Would your insurance pay out if you told them the front door was open? The police probably couldn't even tack on a breaking and entering charge if they prosecuted - same applies to open wireless networks. And sod the point of law, your stuff is your responsibility. What's right and wrong is down to personal choice, not the law.

ferita, Oct 14, 7:23am
Hilarious is your attitude to infosec Yiou have no idea about information security.

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