Which Vodafone cell has the best reception??

orangemotorco, Oct 13, 10:05pm
Which Vodafone cell has the best reception?? Just bought a Nokia 2630 and the reception is rubbish? Asked the voda shop about it and they just said it depends on the network (how bizarre, the old Voda nokia i had was much better!) Does anyone know which current model i should go for? (ps, nearly new black 2630 for sale :P)

intrade, Oct 13, 10:09pm
I was hunting for a good cell with same issue as you are asking i used to have nokia but now have since 2 years the motorola linux phone e680i and its got top reception and has hands free speaker and all the stuff them iphones have as well lol only downside is the stand by on them is not to long i charge it every day as soon as i get home its on the charger .

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