Printing envelopes with Brother MFC 685CW

briarview, Oct 14, 5:41am
Printing envelopes with Brother MFC 685CW I want to know how to print A4 envelopes on the above printer. The only way I can see to do it is put the envelope in sideways in the feed tray and it prints vertical on the envelope. It probably so simple but I would love to find out. Cheers

briarview, Oct 14, 10:34pm
Bump Anyone help please?

soodanim, Oct 14, 10:48pm
Change the setting to landscape or profile or opposite to whatever it is at least

tigra, Oct 15, 6:46am
When you go to File and print click on preferences and I think the option that automatically chooses paper source adjusts for envelopes. Just adjust the feeder guides on the printer to suit the envelope. At least I think thats how rto do it, personally i cant be bothered and simply hand address envelopes.

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