advice on wireless adapter card???

leeandrich, Oct 16, 3:40am
Advice on wireless adapter card??? i want to get internet on my 2nd computer, but its window xp and doesnt have the wireless network option. i was told to get a wireless adapter card (as I have a wireless modem attached to my 1st computer) do i get something like auction 182792980???
any help would be much appreciated


nickbron1432, Oct 16, 3:58am
Spot on thats exactly what you need, and you should be able to pick it up for under $30, it will come with the software needed to connect too

leeandrich, Oct 17, 4:01am
Great thanks! .

asmawa1, Oct 17, 4:16am
Windoze xp has nothing to do with it as it is only an operating system.
Your Auction reference is for a USB wireless dongle which will work fine - but a wireless PCI card is something else again as it plugs into the motherboard.

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