Whats a good ISP for Web Hosting ?

geek_cessna3, Oct 16, 10:04 pm
Whats a good ISP for Web Hosting ? Recommend anyone ?

geek_mone, Oct 16, 10:12 pm
You mean ISP to use as host or Host/Domain companies like Domainz?

geek_soodanim, Oct 16, 10:16 pm
Hosting via an ISP is usually OTT in pricing....Check out Freeparking, Webbase to name a couple of NZ companies. There's a few NZ "hosts" that just resell hosting plans from overseas servers to which can work out a bit cheaper.

geek_mone, Oct 16, 10:38 pm
Like Yahoo Xtra.

geek_stardesta, Oct 16, 11:07 pm
In my experience I say go global. Stay away from the new zealand hosting companies they charge an arm and leg for average hosting. Godaddy.com offer cheap hosting

geek_lythande1, Oct 17, 1:21 am
Kiwiwebhost Costs me 13.47 a month, they have a cheaper plan for home based websites too. All of it is in NZ, servers, admin, the lot. Very reliable, good helpdesk. be wary of servers based overseas.

geek_pixma, Oct 17, 1:27 am
I would have to go with Kiwiwebhost as well. It works out to be about $100 a year with the domain name included. Cheap as chips; no problems at all!

geek_0800xford, Oct 17, 2:23 am
i use [http://www.freeparking.co.nz/] & [http://www.webhostingnz.com/] here.

geek_bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:07 am
Ive got a few under www.dolbyweb.co.nz they seem to be good

geek_photosales, Oct 18, 7:27 am
_There are many available - don't just go on price, ask around, Try Google, like if you wanted christchurch web hosting search for that, and go for the most listed result on the front page.

geek_bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:28 am
If you're not very good with web stuff, go with a company called 24/7 hosting. they're bloody good with support and can do anything you need

geek_murf21, Oct 19, 2:33 am

geek_wholesaler, Oct 19, 3:12 am
I use www.hostgator.com have about 5 sites with them atm and its dam cheap, good support and unlimited bandidth and space http://www.hostgator.com/

geek_bradenpd, Oct 19, 11:17 am
Hostgator is slow since its based in the states. i used to be a reseller for them. didnt like it. plus people who know a hell of a lot more about hosting than me say its quite bad too

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