lancef, Mar 8, 3:34am
Youtube Is it possible to save vids from here on to your hard drive?

hatsuko, Mar 8, 3:36am
Yes, lots of firefox plug-ins or try these

lancef, Mar 8, 3:38am
Thanks wiil check it out.

harrihorse, Mar 8, 6:54am
Vdownloader is easier, make sure to get version 7

chapadao, Mar 8, 6:55am
Bah just look in your temp internet directory and save the flv file

info25, Mar 8, 6:56am lets u choose what format and u can just d/load teh audio too

ilottl, Mar 8, 6:58am
Yup vdownloader..

joyaadnan, Mar 8, 8:34am
.... also try the file with the extension .flv//then use a video converter (i use switch) to convert in2 whatever format u want

mcceltic, Mar 8, 8:58am

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